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Off Path Enterprises is a global media and news brand, with a robust online travel portfolio featuring sites that cater to the complex needs of tourists and nomads. We are a worldwide team of travelers creating essential and invaluable content for fellow travelers.

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Who We Are

kashlee kucheran

Kashlee Kucheran

CEO of Off Path Enterprises

Kashlee Kucheran is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Off Path Enterprises, head of operations for the entire portfolio of travel news companies, including the flagship brand, Travel Off Path. 

Trevor Kucheran

Director of Off Path Enterprises

Trevor Kucheran is the Director and Co-Founder of Off Path Enterprises, leading travel news innovation and spearheading strategic partnerships to expand the company’s global impact and influence.

At the helm of Off Path Life Foundation, the philanthropic extension of the enterprise, Trevor channels his passion into social impact, focusing on empowering families and teens in the throes of severe economic challenges.